November 11, 2023

In our review of the Pixel 8 Pro, we couldn’t help but be impressed with the phone’s features during the first 8 days of use. From the effortless setup process that seamlessly transferred our data and settings, to the Best Take feature that captured stunning photos with minimal effort, this phone proved its worth. Not to mention, the friendly look and feel, coupled with subtle design updates, made it an attractive device. The screen protector mode ensured a hassle-free experience for those who preferred an extra layer of protection. The camera UI received an update, streamlining the process of accessing settings and capturing memorable moments. Furthermore, the Pixel 8 Pro allowed for enhanced customization with generative AI wallpaper and new typefaces. Face Unlock even made banking transactions more convenient by granting access to apps. And lastly, the AI-powered Summarize1 feature offered meaningful previews of webpage content, saving us time and providing valuable insights. With these outstanding features, the Pixel 8 Pro proved to be a remarkable addition to our smartphone experience.

Setup Process

The setup process of the Pixel 8 Pro was incredibly simple and user-friendly. We were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to transfer our data and settings from our previous phone. With just a few taps, we were able to seamlessly migrate our photos, contacts, apps, and other important information to the Pixel 8 Pro. This made transitioning to our new device a breeze and saved us a significant amount of time and effort. We appreciated the thoughtfulness and attention to detail that went into making the setup process so smooth.

Best Take Feature

One of the standout features of the Pixel 8 Pro is the Best Take feature. With this feature, we were able to capture perfect photos every time. The Pixel 8 Pro offers multiple options to choose from when taking a photo, ensuring that we always got the shot we wanted. Whether it was a stunning landscape, a group of friends, or a close-up of a flower, the Pixel 8 Pro had a mode or setting that catered to our needs. We loved the versatility and flexibility that the Best Take feature provided, allowing us to unleash our creativity and capture beautiful moments effortlessly.

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The authors review of the Pixel 8 Pro: highlighting loved features in the first 8 days of use.

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Friendly Look and Feel

The Pixel 8 Pro has a friendly look and feel that immediately captivated us. While the design updates may seem subtle at first glance, they make a significant difference in our overall user experience. The phone fits comfortably in hand, with just the right amount of weight and balance. The buttons and controls are placed intuitively, making it easy to navigate and operate the device. The attention to detail in the design is evident, creating a cohesive and visually pleasing aesthetic. We were impressed by how well thought out and user-centric the design of the Pixel 8 Pro is, making it a joy to use daily.

Screen Protector Mode

For those of us who prefer using screen protectors, the Pixel 8 Pro offers a unique feature called Screen Protector Mode. This mode ensures that the device’s touch sensitivity remains unchanged when using a screen protector. We found this feature to be incredibly useful as it eliminated the need to compromise between protecting our screen and maintaining optimal touch response. The Pixel 8 Pro’s Screen Protector Mode enhanced our overall user experience by providing seamless usability without any sacrifices.

The authors review of the Pixel 8 Pro: highlighting loved features in the first 8 days of use.

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Updated Camera UI

The camera UI on the Pixel 8 Pro has undergone significant improvements, making it faster and easier to access settings. With just a swipe or a tap, we were able to navigate through various camera modes, adjust exposure settings, and access other advanced features. The updated camera UI also enhances the overall user experience, allowing us to focus on capturing the perfect shot without any distractions or delays. We appreciated how intuitive and user-friendly the camera UI was, enabling us to take stunning photos with ease.

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Customizing Appearance

The Pixel 8 Pro offers a range of options for customizing the appearance of the device. One of the standout features in this regard is the generative AI wallpaper, which creates unique and dynamic wallpapers based on our preferences. We loved the ability to have a constantly changing and refreshing background that reflected our personal style. Additionally, the Pixel 8 Pro introduced new typefaces that allowed us to further personalize the device. With these new options, we were able to choose a font that suited our taste and made the device feel even more tailored to our liking.

The authors review of the Pixel 8 Pro: highlighting loved features in the first 8 days of use.

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Face Unlock for Banking Apps

The introduction of Face Unlock on the Pixel 8 Pro has brought a significant improvement to our banking app experience. With Face Unlock, we were able to quickly and conveniently access our banking apps without the need for passwords or PINs. This not only saved us time but also enhanced the security of our transactions. We found the Face Unlock feature to be reliable and accurate, giving us peace of mind knowing that our financial information was well-protected. The integration of Face Unlock with banking apps on the Pixel 8 Pro made our daily financial transactions more secure and convenient.

Summarize1 Feature

The Summarize1 feature on the Pixel 8 Pro utilizes AI to provide quick webpage summaries and previews of content. We were pleasantly surprised by how accurate and reliable the summaries were. With just a glance, we were able to get a comprehensive overview of an article or webpage, allowing us to quickly determine if it was worth our time to read the full content. This feature saved us valuable time and allowed us to efficiently browse through online information. We found the Summarize1 feature to be a valuable addition that enhanced our productivity and information consumption on the Pixel 8 Pro.

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The authors review of the Pixel 8 Pro: highlighting loved features in the first 8 days of use.

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Battery Life

One of the key factors we consider when choosing a smartphone is battery life, and the Pixel 8 Pro did not disappoint. The device offered long-lasting performance, allowing us to use our phone throughout the day without constantly worrying about battery drainage. Whether it was browsing the internet, streaming videos, or playing games, the Pixel 8 Pro consistently delivered reliable and efficient power management. We appreciated the peace of mind that came with knowing we could rely on our device for extended periods without the need for frequent charging.

Fast Charging

The Pixel 8 Pro’s rapid charging capability was a game-changer for us. Gone are the days of waiting for hours to fully charge our phone. With the fast charging feature, we spent significantly less time charging our device and more time using it. This was particularly useful when we were on the go and needed a quick boost of battery power. The convenience and efficiency of fast charging made our lives easier and allowed us to stay connected without interruptions. We were impressed by how quickly the Pixel 8 Pro was able to charge, saving us precious time and ensuring that our device was always ready to go.

In conclusion, our experience with the Pixel 8 Pro in the first 8 days was nothing short of exceptional. The simple setup process, Best Take feature, friendly look and feel, screen protector mode, updated camera UI, customizable appearance, face unlock for banking apps, Summarize1 feature, long-lasting battery life, and fast charging capabilities all contributed to an outstanding user experience. The Pixel 8 Pro offers a comprehensive range of features and enhancements that cater to a diverse range of user needs and preferences. With its user-friendly interface, cutting-edge technology, and thoughtful design, the Pixel 8 Pro has undoubtedly set a new standard in the world of smartphones. We eagerly look forward to exploring all the possibilities and continued delight that the Pixel 8 Pro has to offer.

The authors review of the Pixel 8 Pro: highlighting loved features in the first 8 days of use.

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