November 5, 2023

In a fascinating coincidence, the CEOs of two major technology giants, Nvidia and AMD, are not only Taiwanese Americans, but also distant cousins. Jensen Huang and Lisa Su, the respective leaders of Nvidia and AMD, share a common heritage and have backgrounds in electrical engineering, making their success in the semiconductor industry even more remarkable. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, these companies are fierce competitors in the global AI chip industry, supplying hardware and software to tech companies involved in gaming, data centers, and AI. While both companies are thriving, with Nvidia’s stock surging by an impressive 208% and AMD’s shares rising by 73% this year alone, geopolitical tensions, particularly US export controls to China, loom as potential challenges that may impact their operations.


The CEOs of Nvidia and AMD, Jensen Huang and Lisa Su respectively, share a common Taiwanese American heritage and come from similar educational and professional backgrounds. Both of them have a strong foundation in electrical engineering and have worked in the semiconductor industry for a significant portion of their careers. This shared background not only provides them with a deep understanding of the technical aspects of their companies’ products but also allows them to draw upon their expertise to lead their respective organizations effectively.

Competitors in the AI Chip Industry

Nvidia and AMD compete in the highly competitive global AI chip industry. Both companies are headquartered in Santa Clara, California, which is often referred to as the heart of Silicon Valley. Being in close proximity to each other allows for healthy competition and fosters innovation within the industry. The geographical proximity also enables them to leverage the rich technological ecosystem that exists in the region, including access to top-tier talent and collaboration opportunities with other technology companies.

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The Taiwanese American CEOs of Nvidia and AMD are Distant Cousins

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Business Scope

Nvidia and AMD have a broad business scope, focusing on hardware and software sales to tech companies. While both organizations have a presence in multiple sectors, such as gaming, data centers, and AI, their products serve slightly different purposes.

Nvidia is known for producing high-performance graphics processing units (GPUs) that are widely used in gaming, video editing, and AI applications. Their GPUs are renowned for their superior performance and have become the go-to choice for gamers and professionals alike.

On the other hand, AMD specializes in producing both central processing units (CPUs) and GPUs. Their CPUs have gained significant market share due to their competitive pricing and comparable performance to their Intel counterparts. Additionally, AMD’s GPUs have made considerable strides in recent years and are increasingly being adopted by gamers and data centers for their exceptional performance.

Company Growth

Both Nvidia and AMD have experienced remarkable growth in recent years, driven by their continuous efforts in innovation and product development. Nvidia, in particular, has seen its stock price soar by a staggering 208% this year, indicating significant investor confidence in the company’s future prospects. This growth can be attributed to Nvidia’s continued dominance in the gaming industry, as well as its expanding presence in data centers and AI.

AMD, while not experiencing the same level of growth as Nvidia, has also seen its shares rise by 73% this year. This growth can be attributed to the company’s successful launch of their latest generation of CPUs and GPUs, which have gained traction in both the consumer and enterprise markets. AMD’s competitive pricing and comparable performance have positioned them as a viable alternative to competitors, further bolstering their growth potential.

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The Taiwanese American CEOs of Nvidia and AMD are Distant Cousins

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Impact of Geopolitical Tensions

Geopolitical tensions, such as US export controls to China, have the potential to impact both Nvidia and AMD’s operations. As major players in the global semiconductor industry, both companies have manufacturing facilities and supply chains that span multiple countries, including China. Restrictions on exports and technology transfers to Chinese companies can pose challenges to their ability to conduct business and fulfill customer orders.

However, it is important to note that both Nvidia and AMD have taken steps to diversify their supply chains and reduce their dependence on any single country or market. This level of preparedness helps mitigate potential disruptions caused by geopolitical tensions.

Furthermore, the demand for AI chips is expected to continue growing globally, with various industries recognizing the transformative power of artificial intelligence. This presents an opportunity for Nvidia and AMD to expand their market share beyond geopolitical concerns and capitalize on the growing adoption of AI technologies worldwide.

In conclusion, Nvidia and AMD, led by their Taiwanese American CEOs, Jensen Huang and Lisa Su, respectively, have established themselves as major players in the AI chip industry. Both companies have witnessed remarkable growth and are driven by a shared passion for technological innovation. While geopolitical tensions pose potential challenges, their ability to adapt and diversify their operations enables them to navigate through uncertain times. With their expertise and dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology, Nvidia and AMD are poised to continue shaping the future of the AI chip industry.

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