November 5, 2023

Hey there! Have you ever wondered if you could make money online by watching YouTube videos? Well, in this informative video by AmplyCash, you’ll discover a unique approach to passive income. They’ll show you how to turn those videos into valuable articles for profit. With smart tools and tactics, you’ll learn how to effortlessly transform video transcripts into written content that can earn you money. AmplyCash is dedicated to helping viewers make money online, and they focus on strategies that make use of various platforms and methods. So, if you’re ready to delve into the world of making money online through YouTube content, this video is definitely for you!


Welcome to the world of making money online by watching YouTube videos! In this comprehensive article, we will discuss a unique approach to passive income that involves turning YouTube videos into valuable articles for profit. You will learn how to effortlessly transform video transcripts into articles using smart tools and tactics. Whether you’re looking for a new side hustle or eager to master smart money tactics, this article is your gateway to turning YouTube content into your own source of passive income.

About AmplyCash

Before we dive into the details, let’s talk about AmplyCash. AmplyCash is a channel dedicated to providing strategies for earning money online using various platforms and methods. Our goal is to share the most up-to-date and effective strategies for making money online. We focus on helping viewers make money online with PayPal, the most popular and trusted payment platform on the web. Our tutorials, guides, and tips cover a wide range of methods, including surveys, freelancing, affiliate marketing, and more. If you’re ready to start earning real money from the comfort of your own home, subscribe to AmplyCash today and join the millions of people worldwide who are already making money online!

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Unique Approach to Passive Income

Now, let’s get into the unique approach to passive income that AmplyCash offers. Instead of just watching YouTube videos for entertainment, we will show you how to turn those videos into valuable articles that can generate income. This approach allows you to monetize your time spent watching videos and turn it into a profitable endeavor.

Earning Money from Watching YouTube Videos

Two Free Methods to Earn Money from YouTube

Yes, you read that right! You can actually earn money from watching YouTube videos, and the best part is that there are two free methods to do so. We understand that everyone’s financial situation is different, so we will share two methods that cater to different needs and preferences. Whether you choose one method or try both, you have the potential to increase your earnings without spending a dime.

Skepticism and Proof at 100K Subscribers

We understand that there may be skeptics in the comments section who doubt the legitimacy of these methods. Rest assured, we will prove the effectiveness of the methods shown in our top videos once we reach 100K subscribers. We want to build trust with our audience and ensure that the methods we share are proven and reliable.

Beware of Social Media Spammers and Impersonators

Unfortunately, there are social media spammers who attempt to impersonate us and repost our content. We take this matter seriously and are actively working to address these imposters. To connect with us and access our legitimate content, please refer to the description or visit our official website. We will create a list of these impersonators and share it with the community so that you can be fully informed.

Legitimate Ways to Connect with the Content Creator

To avoid falling victim to social media spammers and impersonators, it’s important to know the legitimate ways to connect with the content creator. You can find the information you need in the video description or on our official website. These are the only legitimate channels through which you can access our private groups and real social media profiles.

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The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Online

Now, let’s dive into the ultimate guide to making money online by turning YouTube videos into articles. We will break down the process into seven steps and provide valuable tips along the way to maximize your earnings.

Step 1 – Find Educational or Discussion-Worthy Videos

The first step is to go to YouTube and find educational or discussion-worthy videos. Instead of getting lost in a rabbit hole of entertaining cat videos, focus on topics that are informative and likely to spark discussions. This step is crucial as it sets the foundation for creating valuable articles.

Step 2 – Transcribe the Video Using an Online Tool

Once you find a video you like, click the share button and copy the video link. Next, head over to an online video transcript tool. The name of the website where you can find this tool may not be straightforward, but we will provide a link in the description to save you the trouble of searching for it. Paste the video link and click “transcript.” In just a few seconds, you will have the video transcript.

Step 3 – Rewrite the Transcript with a Rewriting Tool

Now that you have the video transcript, it’s time to rewrite it using a rewriting tool. There are two tools we recommend: one that we mentioned earlier in the video and another called Both tools work perfectly, so you can choose the one that suits your preferences. Simply paste the transcript into the rewriting tool and click “rewrite.” In just a couple of seconds, you will have a new version of the original article.

Step 4 – Post the Rewritten Article on Vocal Media

The next step is to post the rewritten article on Vocal Media. This website will pay you whenever someone reads your article. It’s a great platform to monetize your content and potentially earn a significant income. Simply create an account, follow the submission guidelines, and start writing your article. Make sure to include appealing images to make your article more engaging and professional.

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Step 5 – Join Vocal Plus for Higher Earnings

To maximize your earnings on Vocal Media, consider joining Vocal Plus. For a fee of around $10 per month, you will earn $6 per 1000 reads instead of the standard $3.80. This can significantly increase your potential monthly earnings, allowing you to make passive income of up to thousands of dollars per month.

Step 6 – Consider Textbroker as an Alternative Platform

Another website that pays for articles is Textbroker. While Vocal Media is a great platform, it’s always good to have alternatives. Textbroker offers opportunities for freelance writers to earn money by writing articles. Consider exploring Textbroker as an additional platform to further diversify your income streams.

Step 7 – Prioritize Quality for Higher Earnings

Lastly, prioritize quality in your articles to increase your earnings. The more engaging and valuable your content is, the more likely it is to attract readers and generate income. Dedicate the time and effort to create high-quality articles that provide value to your audience. This will not only lead to higher earnings but also help you establish yourself as a reputable content creator.

Updates and Results

In this section, we will provide progress updates from the content creator. As we reach milestones, we will share the results with our audience to showcase the effectiveness of the methods discussed. Stay tuned for updates and be among the first to apply the tutorials and methods we share.

Making Money by Writing Articles

Aside from the methods discussed earlier, another top method of making money online is by writing articles. In this section, we will explore this method in detail and discuss how it can potentially earn you thousands of dollars. Writing articles is a versatile and profitable way to monetize your skills and knowledge.

Exploring the Top Method Discussed

We will delve deeper into the top method discussed earlier, which involves turning YouTube videos into articles. This approach allows you to leverage existing content and transform it into valuable articles. By following the steps outlined in the previous sections, you can create a sustainable and profitable source of passive income.

Earning Thousands of Dollars Through Article Writing

Writing articles has the potential to earn you thousands of dollars. By dedicating a certain amount of time each day to publish high-quality articles, you can accumulate a substantial monthly income. The key is to be consistent and prioritize quality to attract readers and generate income. With perseverance and the right strategies, you can achieve financial success through article writing.


In conclusion, making money from watching YouTube videos is not only possible but also accessible to anyone. By applying the methods and techniques outlined in this comprehensive article, you have the opportunity to turn YouTube content into a valuable source of passive income. Remember to prioritize quality, stay updated with progress updates from the content creator, and explore additional methods like article writing to diversify your income streams. Start your journey to financial success today!

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