November 11, 2023

In this article, we will show you how to draft an email in Google Docs and seamlessly preview it in Gmail before hitting send. The combination of Google Docs and Gmail is a productivity dream come true. With Docs, you can create and edit emails using a template that easily translates to Gmail when you’re ready. This means you can collaborate with others, make changes, and track edits all within Docs until you’re ready to send it from Gmail. We’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of drafting an email in Google Docs, including adding recipients, writing your message, and utilizing helpful tools like suggested edits and Help me write. Plus, we’ll show you how to preview and send your email from Gmail. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to create clear, concise, and error-free emails in no time using Google Docs. So let’s dive in and make your email drafting experience hassle-free and efficient!

How to Draft an Email in Google Docs

Drafting an email can sometimes feel overwhelming, but with Google Docs, the process becomes much simpler. With its user-friendly interface and numerous features, Google Docs makes it easy to create and refine emails before sending them out. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of drafting an email in Google Docs.

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How to draft an email in Google Docs

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Open Google Docs

To begin drafting your email, open Google Docs by going to on your computer. This will take you to the Docs home screen.

Start a New Document

On the top left corner of the Docs home screen, you’ll see an option that says “Start a new document.” Click on it to create a blank document where you can start drafting your email.

Insert an Email Draft

In order to easily draft your email, you can insert an email draft using a building block. At the top of the blank document, you’ll see a button that says “Email draft.” Click on this button to insert an email draft template into your document.

Alternatively, you can also type “@email draft” and select the “Email draft” building block. Another option is to click on the “Insert” menu, select “Building blocks,” and then choose “Email draft.”

Add Recipients

Once you have your email draft template in place, it’s time to add recipients. In the “To” field, type the email addresses of the recipients you want to send the email to. If you have the contact saved on your Google account, you can also start typing their name after typing “@” to search for them directly from your contacts.

How to draft an email in Google Docs

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Fill out the Subject

After adding the recipients, fill out the subject field of your email. The subject line should accurately summarize the content of your email and grab the attention of the recipients.

Type Your Message

With the recipients and subject in place, it’s time to start typing your message. In the body of the email, compose your message just as you would in any other email. Use proper formatting, paragraphs, and clear language to effectively convey your thoughts.

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How to draft an email in Google Docs

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Collaborate in Real-Time

One of the great advantages of using Google Docs to draft your email is the ability to collaborate in real-time. You can invite others to edit the document simultaneously, making it easier to gather feedback and make any necessary changes. Take advantage of this feature to collaborate with colleagues or friends and create a polished email.

Refine Your Email

To further refine your email, you can use the suggested edits feature in Google Docs. This feature suggests changes to your text, such as grammar and style improvements, making your email more professional and error-free. Review these suggestions and accept or reject them based on your preferences.

Additionally, if you’re looking for inspiration or need help with the content of your email, you can use the “Help me write” feature in Google Docs. This feature generates and refines a draft based on a simple prompt, saving you time and helping you create a well-crafted email.

How to draft an email in Google Docs

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Preview in Gmail

Once you’ve finished drafting and refining your email in Google Docs, it’s time to preview it in Gmail before you hit send. To do this, click on the “Preview in Gmail” icon on the left side of the draft. This will open a new window in Gmail with your email draft pre-populated. Take a moment to review the email in the Gmail interface and make any final tweaks or adjustments.

If you need to make changes to the email after previewing it in Gmail, simply exit the Gmail window and return to your Google Docs document. Make the necessary edits and preview the email again in Gmail until you’re satisfied with the final result.

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Send Your Email

Once you’re happy with the email and have previewed it in Gmail, it’s time to send it. In the Gmail draft, click on the “Send” button to deliver your email to the recipients. Congratulations, you have successfully utilized Google Docs to create a clear, concise, and error-free email!

In conclusion, drafting an email in Google Docs offers numerous benefits, including real-time collaboration, suggested edits, and the ability to preview the email in Gmail before sending. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can streamline the email drafting process and create professional and effective emails using Google Docs.

How to draft an email in Google Docs

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