November 5, 2023

Microsoft and Snapchat have joined forces in a groundbreaking partnership that brings sponsored links to Snapchat’s My AI chatbot. This collaboration allows advertisers to engage with Snapchat’s massive user base of 750 million monthly active users through Microsoft’s Chat Ads API. With a focus on mobile improvements and targeting Snapchat’s youthful audience, this partnership offers advertisers an exciting opportunity to reach a specific demographic and drive significant ROI. Stay tuned as Microsoft and Snap continue to refine their chat ad offerings and expand partnerships in the world of generative AI advertising.


Microsoft and Snap Partner to Serve Snapchat’s My AI with Sponsored Links


In an exciting collaboration, Microsoft Advertising and Snap have announced a groundbreaking partnership to leverage Microsoft’s Chat Ads API for Sponsored Links in Snapchat’s My AI. This partnership will enhance the user experience and provide advertisers with a richer, more targeted approach to engage with Snapchat’s 750 million monthly active users.

Microsoft and Snap Partner to Serve Snapchats My AI with Sponsored Links

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Microsoft Advertising and Snap’s partnership brings together two tech giants at the forefront of advertising innovation. With Microsoft’s Chat Ads API, Snap will now be able to serve sponsored links within Snapchat’s My AI chatbot, creating a more dynamic user experience. Snap’s My AI chatbot currently interacts with over 150 million users, making it one of the largest consumer chatbots in the industry.

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Snapchat boasts an impressive reach with over 750 million active users per month, who send billions of messages every day. Microsoft has also been making significant advancements in AI technology, particularly through Bing and asset recommendations for Responsive Search Ads. This partnership is set to enhance the capabilities of Snap’s My AI and provide advertisers with new opportunities to reach their target audience.

Benefits for Advertisers

This collaboration offers significant potential for advertisers to achieve a high return on investment (ROI). By utilizing Microsoft’s generative AI technology, advertisers can engage deeply with Snapchat’s youthful, mobile-first audience. Microsoft’s focus on mobile improvements aligns perfectly with Snapchat’s user base, making this partnership a strategic move for both companies.

Advertisers will be able to monitor the impact of Snap traffic through the Microsoft Advertising publisher report, specifically under the “Microsoft sites and select traffic” category. During the testing phase of the partnership, advertisers witnessed an increase of over 15% in mobile impressions from this category while maintaining or improving cost per acquisition (CPA).

Microsoft and Snap Partner to Serve Snapchats My AI with Sponsored Links

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Testing Phase Results

The testing phase of the partnership yielded promising results for advertisers. With the implementation of Snap’s My AI chatbot serving sponsored links, there was a significant increase in mobile impressions. This increase indicates the effectiveness of advertising through Snapchat’s My AI and its ability to reach a large and engaged audience.

Furthermore, advertisers were able to maintain or improve their cost per acquisition, ensuring that their marketing efforts remained efficient and cost-effective. These positive results demonstrate the potential of this partnership for advertisers and highlight the value of integrating sponsored links within the My AI chatbot experience.

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Future Partnerships

Microsoft and Snap are committed to listening to advertiser feedback and continuously improving their chat ad offerings. This collaboration marks a strategic milestone in the ongoing growth of generative AI in advertising. As the partnership evolves, Microsoft encourages its inaugural partners using the Chat Ads API to provide feedback through its advertising feedback portal and social media channels.

In addition to the current partners, Snap and Axel Springer, Microsoft plans to expand this new advertising option to more partners in the near future. Interested companies can apply for a partnership and receive assistance with algorithmic organic results, ads monetization, or ads monetization only. This expansion will further enhance the reach and impact of sponsored links within Snapchat’s My AI.

Microsoft and Snap Partner to Serve Snapchats My AI with Sponsored Links

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The partnership between Microsoft and Snap represents a significant step forward in advertising innovation. By leveraging Microsoft’s Chat Ads API, Snap is able to provide a more dynamic user experience within Snapchat’s My AI chatbot. Advertisers can benefit from increased ROI potential, engage with Snapchat’s youthful audience, and take advantage of Microsoft’s focus on mobile improvements.

The testing phase of the partnership has yielded positive results, with an increase in mobile impressions and the maintenance or improvement of cost per acquisition. This success showcases the effectiveness of sponsored links within the My AI chatbot and illustrates the value of this partnership for advertisers.

Looking ahead, Microsoft and Snap are committed to refining their chat ad offerings based on advertiser feedback. The continuous growth of generative AI in advertising will be a priority, and more partnerships will be formed to expand the reach of sponsored links within Snapchat’s My AI. This collaboration sets the stage for future innovation in AI-driven advertising.

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Microsoft and Snap Partnership

Microsoft and Snap Partner to Serve Snapchats My AI with Sponsored Links

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Microsoft and Snap Partner to Serve Snapchats My AI with Sponsored Links

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