November 5, 2023

In the video titled “From $15/hr to over $100k/year: Joshua Mayo’s Online Side Hustle Journey,” Joshua Mayo shares his personal experience of transitioning from a $15/hr job to earning over $100k/year through an online side hustle. This captivating video is the second part of a web development series on his channel, where he shares valuable insights and strategies. Mayo highlights the importance of choosing a niche and starting an agency to maximize your earnings, along with providing step-by-step guidance on setting up an agency website using pre-built templates. He also emphasizes the significance of finding potential clients in niche-specific groups on platforms like Facebook or Instagram and offers scripts and tips for effective communication. Overall, Mayo’s video serves as an inspiring guide for anyone looking to leverage their skills and earn a significant income through online side hustles.

Joshua Mayo’s video, “From $15/hr to over $100k/year: Joshua Mayo’s Online Side Hustle Journey,” is an informative and motivating resource for individuals seeking to increase their income through online side hustles. Mayo explains how he made the transition from a $15/hr job to earning over $100k/year, detailing the steps and strategies that enabled his success. He emphasizes the value of specializing in a niche and starting an agency, providing guidance on setting up an agency website using pre-built templates. Additionally, Mayo shares effective approaches for finding potential clients and offers scripts and tips for successful communication. His video serves as a valuable resource for those looking to achieve financial growth through online side hustles.


In this video, Joshua Mayo shares his journey of going from earning $15 per hour to making over $100,000 per year through a simple online side hustle. This article will provide a comprehensive summary of the video, highlighting the key points and expanding on each section.

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Video Context and Purpose

Mayo’s video is part two of a web development series on his channel. It focuses on the best side hustle of 2024 and provides valuable insights and tips on starting an agency and choosing a niche. The purpose of the video is to inspire and motivate viewers to believe in themselves and their ability to achieve success.

Disclaimer and Affiliate Links

Before diving into the details, Mayo makes it clear that the information provided in the video is for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. He also discloses that the video contains affiliate links and that he receives compensation from partner websites.

Part 1: Making $10,713 per month with an easy method

Part one of Mayo’s web development series discusses a method to make $10,713 per month. While this article will not go into the specifics of that method, it serves as a precursor to the best side hustle of 2024, which will be covered in greater detail.

Part 2: The best side hustle of 2024

Part two of Mayo’s series focuses on the best side hustle of 2024, which is building WordPress websites using Elementor, a drag and drop page builder. Mayo shares his own success story and explains how anyone can learn web development with Elementor in just a few days, regardless of their previous experience.

Joshua Mayo’s Journey

Mayo starts by sharing his experience of leaving a job that wasn’t fulfilling after realizing that it wasn’t helping him progress in life. He then discovered the potential of web development and decided to start a side hustle using Elementor as his primary tool. Despite having no previous experience, Mayo managed to earn around $80,000 in his first year and over $100,000 in the following year.

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Learning Web Development with Elementor

Mayo emphasizes that anyone can learn web development with Elementor in just a matter of days. He recommends a hands-on approach to learning, highlighting the importance of practice and working on real projects. By dedicating time and effort to learning and improving their skills, individuals can become proficient in web development and start their own successful side hustle.

Starting an Agency and Choosing a Niche

Mayo suggests starting an agency as a way to make more money in the web development industry. He discusses the benefits of positioning oneself as an agency, such as being taken more seriously by potential clients and being able to command higher prices. He emphasizes the importance of choosing a niche for the agency, as specializing in one industry allows for more efficient processes and the ability to attract higher-paying clients.

Setting up an Agency Website

Mayo provides tips for setting up an agency website using pre-built templates. He recommends using affordable web hosting services like Hostinger and provides a link for viewers to take advantage of a special deal. By using pre-built templates, individuals can quickly create a professional website for their agency, saving time and effort.

Finding Potential Clients

To attract clients, Mayo suggests utilizing niche-specific groups on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The key is to target the specific industry or niche that the agency is focused on. By engaging with these groups and offering valuable insights and information, individuals can establish themselves as experts and attract potential clients.

Reaching out to Potential Clients

Mayo provides scripts and strategies for reaching out to potential clients effectively. He advises focusing on explaining the value of the services offered before revealing pricing, as this helps establish trust and build a connection with the potential client. He also offers tips for handling different responses and maximizing success in client interactions.

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To conclude, this article has provided a comprehensive summary of Joshua Mayo’s video on the best side hustle of 2024. Mayo’s journey from a dissatisfying job to a successful web development business serves as inspiration and motivation for viewers. By following Mayo’s tips on learning web development, starting an agency, choosing a niche, and finding and reaching out to potential clients, individuals can aspire to achieve similar success in their own side hustles.

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