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Beginner’s Guide to Google Affiliate Marketing with Dave Nick


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Google Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Are you interested in making money online through affiliate marketing? If so, you’re in luck! In this tutorial, we will walk you through a comprehensive seven-step formula for affiliate marketing using Google. The best part is, you don’t even need to have your own website to get started. So let’s dive in and discover how you can make over $1,000 a day with Google!

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Step 1: Understanding Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where businesses reward individuals (affiliates) for promoting their products or services and driving sales. As an affiliate marketer, you earn a commission for each sale or action made through your unique affiliate link.

How does affiliate marketing work?

When you sign up for an affiliate program, you receive a unique affiliate link that tracks your referrals. You promote products or services using this link through various marketing channels such as social media, email marketing, or content creation. When someone makes a purchase or completes a specified action through your link, you earn a commission.

Benefits of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing offers several benefits, making it an attractive option for those looking to earn money online. Some advantages include:

  1. Passive income potential: Once you set up your affiliate marketing system, you can earn money on autopilot as long as people continue to make purchases through your affiliate links.
  2. Flexibility: Affiliate marketing allows you to work from anywhere at any time. You have the freedom to choose the products or services you want to promote and the marketing strategies you prefer.
  3. Low startup costs: Unlike traditional businesses, affiliate marketing requires minimal investment. You don’t need to create products, handle customer service, or deal with inventory management.
  4. Diverse product options: With affiliate marketing, you can promote a wide range of products and services based on your niche and audience’s interests. This allows for greater flexibility and potential for higher earnings.
  5. No customer support: As an affiliate marketer, your primary focus is on promoting products and driving conversions. You don’t have to worry about customer support or dealing with product-related issues.

Google’s role in affiliate marketing

Google plays a significant role in affiliate marketing by providing tools and platforms to help you promote products and generate traffic. From Google Docs for organization to Google Search for driving traffic, leveraging Google’s services can greatly enhance your affiliate marketing efforts.

Step 2: Setting Up Google Docs

Creating a Google account

To get started with Google Docs, you need to create a Google account if you don’t already have one. Visit and sign up for a new account using your preferred email address.

Accessing Google Docs

Once you have a Google account, accessing Google Docs is as simple as visiting Sign in with your Google credentials, and you’ll have access to create and organize documents.

Setting up folders and documents

To keep your affiliate marketing process organized, it’s essential to set up folders and documents within Google Docs. Create folders for different categories, such as affiliate programs, content ideas, and promotional strategies. Within each folder, create specific documents to house information related to each category.

Organizing the affiliate marketing process

Use Google Docs to track your affiliate programs, store important links, and document your promotional strategies. You can create tables, bullet lists, and add hyperlinks to keep everything neatly organized. This will help you stay focused and efficient as you navigate your affiliate marketing journey.

Step 3: Finding Offers to Promote

Introduction to offer networks

Offer networks connect affiliate marketers with businesses that have affiliate programs. These networks provide a wide range of products and services that you can promote based on your niche and audience preferences.

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Partners as a recommended platform

Partners is a popular offer network, especially for promoting software companies. Software products often provide recurring commissions, allowing you to earn passive income each month. Browse through their extensive database to find software products aligning with your niche and audience.

Online Business Academy as another option

Online Business Academy is another platform worth exploring for high-quality products and services from entrepreneurs worldwide. Many offers on this platform come with high ticket prices, which means higher commissions for you. Check out their affiliate program and discover products that resonate with your audience.

How to choose profitable offers

To choose profitable offers, consider factors such as commission rates, conversion rates, and the relevance of the products to your audience. Look for products that solve a problem or meet a need for your target market. Additionally, consider the competition and potential demand for the offer.

Step 4: TAP MOB App for Offer Promotion

Overview of TAP MOB app

TAP MOB is a mobile application that allows you to earn money by promoting various offers. The app provides a range of giveaways and job opportunities that you can promote to your audience.

How to promote offers with TAP MOB

Once you’ve signed up for TAP MOB, explore the available offers and select the ones that align with your target audience’s interests. Copy the affiliate link provided for each offer and incorporate them into your marketing campaigns. Whether through social media, email marketing, or content creation, promote the offers to drive conversions.

Earning money through offer promotions

Each time someone clicks on your TAP MOB affiliate link and completes the required action, such as entering their email address or participating in a giveaway, you earn a commission. By strategically promoting offers and scaling your promotional efforts, you can generate a significant income through TAP MOB.

Step 5: Leveraging Google Search Traffic

Optimizing keywords for search traffic

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial for driving organic traffic from Google Search. Conduct keyword research to identify relevant keywords related to the products or services you’re promoting. Incorporate these keywords strategically into your content to improve its visibility and ranking on Google.

Creating content without a website

While having a website can enhance your affiliate marketing efforts, it’s not a requirement. You can create content through various channels such as social media platforms, YouTube, or The key is to provide valuable and engaging content that attracts your target audience.

Maximizing visibility on Google

To maximize visibility on Google, focus on creating high-quality, informative content that aligns with your audience’s search intent. Craft compelling titles, incorporate relevant keywords, and provide value in your content. Additionally, leverage platforms like YouTube and to boost your content’s reach and chances of ranking on Google.

Step 6: Generating Content with Chat GPT

Understanding Chat GPT

Chat GPT is a powerful tool that uses OpenAI’s language generation models to assist you in generating content. It can help you write blog posts, create social media captions, and come up with engaging content ideas based on specific prompts.

Using Chat GPT for content generation

With Chat GPT, you can input prompts related to popular videos or topics and let the tool generate content for you. Simply provide the video link or a specific prompt, and Chat GPT will generate a blog post or article based on that prompt.

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Leveraging popular videos for ideas

Find popular videos within your niche or related to the products you’re promoting. Copy the link to the video and use it as a prompt for Chat GPT. This way, you can generate content that aligns with trending topics and engage your audience with valuable information.

Step 7: Posting Content on Medium

Why is suggested is a popular platform for publishing and sharing written content. It has a large user base and high domain authority, which means your content has a better chance of ranking on Google. Additionally, offers monetization options, allowing you to earn from your content.

Tips for creating high-ranking content

When posting on, keep the following tips in mind to increase your chances of ranking high on Google:

  1. Use relevant keywords: Incorporate relevant keywords into your titles, headings, and throughout the content to improve its visibility in search results.
  2. Write engaging content: Focus on delivering valuable and informative content that captivates readers and encourages them to take action.
  3. Add visuals and media: Include high-quality images, infographics, or videos in your articles to make them more visually appealing and engaging.
  4. Interlink your content: Link to other relevant articles or resources within your posts to provide additional value and improve the user experience.
  5. Promote your content: Share your articles on social media platforms, in relevant communities, and through email marketing to increase visibility and drive traffic.

Driving traffic to affiliate offers

Incorporate your affiliate links within your articles strategically. When readers find value in your content and are interested in the products or services you’re promoting, they are more likely to click on your affiliate links and make a purchase, earning you a commission.

Step 8: Enhancing Content with One-click Human

Overview of One-click Human

One-click Human is a tool that allows you to improve the authenticity and readability of your content. It assists in rewriting content to appear more natural and human-generated, enhancing the overall quality of your writing.

Rewriting content for a human touch

With One-click Human, you can rewrite sections of your content to make them sound more conversational and engaging. This tool helps eliminate any robotic or unnatural language, making your content more relatable to your audience.

Improving content authenticity

Authentic and relatable content is crucial for building trust with your audience. One-click Human helps you achieve this by refining your content’s tone and style, making it feel like a genuine conversation. This authenticity can lead to higher engagement and increased conversions.

Bonus Tutorial: Making Money with Google AdSense

Introduction to Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a popular advertising program that allows website owners and content creators to monetize their online platforms. By displaying targeted ads on your website, you can earn money when visitors interact with these ads.

Step-by-step guide to AdSense monetization

To start making money with Google AdSense, follow these steps:

  1. Create a website or blog: Set up a website or blog in a niche that interests you and aligns with your target audience.
  2. Sign up for AdSense: Apply for a Google AdSense account and ensure your website complies with their policies and guidelines.
  3. Add AdSense code to your website: Once approved, Google AdSense provides you with a code snippet to place on your website. This code displays targeted ads to your visitors.
  4. Customize ad placements: Experiment with different ad formats, sizes, and placements on your website to optimize revenue and user experience.
  5. Drive traffic to your website: Implement various marketing strategies to drive targeted traffic to your website and increase the chances of ad interactions.
  6. Monitor and optimize performance: Regularly analyze your AdSense performance metrics and make adjustments to maximize your earnings.

Generating income without face reveal or selling

With Google AdSense, you can generate income without revealing your face or engaging in direct selling. By creating valuable content and driving traffic to your website, you can earn passive income through ad interactions.


In this comprehensive tutorial, we’ve explored the step-by-step formula for affiliate marketing using Google. From understanding affiliate marketing to finding offers, leveraging Google’s tools and platforms, and enhancing your content, you have a solid foundation for success.

Remember, continuous learning and adaptation are vital in the ever-changing online landscape. Stay up to date with current trends, experiment with different strategies, and embrace new tools and technologies. With dedication and perseverance, you have great potential for affiliate marketing success with Google. Happy affiliate marketing!


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