November 5, 2023

Please note that Troy’s Tech Sales offers free training for work from home jobs. By using the link provided, you can get $50 off. However, it’s important to remember that these videos are purely for entertainment purposes and based on Shane’s personal experiences and research. Shane is not a legal, financial, insurance, or tax advisor, so the information presented should not be considered as advice in those areas. It’s worth noting that Shane may have a vested interest in the stocks or companies mentioned. The offers and numbers mentioned may change over time, so it’s advisable to verify their current validity. Some offers mentioned may no longer be available or may have been modified. It is crucial not to base your buying or selling decisions solely on Shane’s videos. If you need specific advice, it is recommended to consult qualified professionals in the legal or financial fields. Always conduct your own research and enjoy this family-friendly content. For additional information on jobs and college degrees, you can refer to the following sources and further readings:

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • National Center for Educational Statistics
  • Payscale (provides information on jobs and degrees) In the video titled “11 Companies Always Hiring Work From Home Jobs (Worldwide)” by Shane Hummus, you’ll find a comprehensive list of companies that offer remote job opportunities. Shane emphasizes that the video is for entertainment purposes only and based on his personal experience and research, so it’s important to take professional advice from qualified individuals. The companies mentioned range from GE Health, which specializes in advanced medical technology and pharmaceutical diagnostics, to Quen, which provides molecular testing solutions. Each company offers various positions with competitive salaries and benefits. It’s encouraged that viewers conduct their own research and explore these family-friendly job opportunities.

Moving on, RSA is another company mentioned in the video that focuses on creating advanced software to protect computer systems and data using artificial intelligence. They offer remote positions for developers, business enablement specialists, and alliance managers. Quen, on the other hand, provides molecular testing solutions to customers and offers a training and mentorship program in finance and marketing. After the program, you can apply for remote jobs or directly for positions such as clinical study leads and account managers. Remember to do your own research and check out all the opportunities presented in the video.

GE Health

GE Health is a company that specializes in advanced medical technology and pharmaceutical diagnostics. They offer a variety of positions with competitive salaries for individuals interested in working in the healthcare industry. Whether you’re interested in imaging specialists, field service engineers, or clinical application specialists, GE Health has job opportunities to suit different skill sets and experience levels.

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One of the standout features of GE Health is their development program. Many of their senior leaders started off in this program, which showcases the company’s commitment to nurturing talent and promoting internal growth. So, if you’re looking to start a career in the medical technology field, GE Health could be a great option.

Not only does GE Health offer diverse job opportunities, but they also prioritize employee satisfaction. With a Glassdoor rating of 4.3 and a 93% employee approval rating for the CEO, it’s clear that employees enjoy working for the company. Additionally, GE Health offers remote positions for those who prefer or require a flexible work environment. Plus, they provide excellent benefits, making it an attractive choice for job seekers in the healthcare industry.


RSA focuses on creating advanced software for computer systems and data protection. As technology becomes increasingly important in our daily lives, the need for cybersecurity has grown exponentially. RSA plays a crucial role in helping organizations protect their valuable data and manage security risks effectively.

If you have a passion for technology and a strong understanding of cybersecurity, RSA offers remote job opportunities that may suit your skill set. From software developers to business enablement specialists and alliance managers, you’ll find a variety of positions available.

Besides offering exciting job prospects, RSA also provides attractive benefits and perks. They have a retirement plan, job training programs, and even legal assistance. The company understands the importance of work-life balance and offers flexible hours to accommodate their employees’ needs.


Quen specializes in providing molecular testing solutions to customers. They help individuals and businesses derive insights from DNA, RNA, and proteins to advance life sciences and improve lives. The company offers a unique training and mentorship program in finance and marketing to kickstart your career in the field.

Although the initial training program is not remote, Quen covers the corresponding costs and assists with finding accommodation. After gaining some experience, you have the option to apply for remote positions directly. This flexibility allows you to work from the comfort of your own home while contributing to the important work Quen does.

When it comes to job opportunities, Quen offers a range of positions with competitive salaries. Clinical study leads, account managers, and field service specialists are just a few examples. These positions come with salaries that reflect the importance and expertise required for the job.

Quen is known for providing exceptional rewards and benefits, as well as receiving positive ratings from current and former employees. With their commitment to innovation and improving healthcare outcomes, Quen is an excellent choice for individuals passionate about molecular testing.


Transperfect offers translation services to help businesses communicate in different languages. With offices in over 100 cities and presence in at least 46 countries, Transperfect has become the world’s largest language services provider. They help companies overcome language barriers and expand their global footprint.

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If you have language proficiency and a passion for facilitating communication across cultures, Transperfect has job opportunities for you. They hire interpreters and customer service representatives, offering salaries that reflect the importance of their role in bridging language gaps.

Transperfect has a strong reputation and positive ratings from employees. Their commitment to diversity, a supportive work environment, and professional development opportunities make it an attractive company to work for. So, if you have language skills and a desire to make a global impact, Transperfect may be the perfect fit for you.

Sam Sara

Sam Sara provides cloud-based fleet management solutions. They help small and mid-sized fleet businesses track their vehicles, monitor driver behavior, and ensure compliance with regulations. By offering features such as GPS tracking and data collection, Sam Sara aims to optimize fleet performance and improve compliance.

Being named one of the UK’s best workplaces in tech by Great Place to Work and one of the best workplaces in the US by Builtin, Sam Sara prides itself on creating a positive work environment. They call their employees “Samsarans” and offer a range of perks and benefits to enhance their experience.

Job opportunities at Sam Sara include customer training specialists, application engineers, and staff accountants, among others. The salaries for these positions are competitive and reflect the importance of their contributions to the company’s success.

With a Glassdoor rating of 4.5 and an impressive 98% employee approval rating for the CEO, Sam Sara values employee satisfaction. If you’re interested in working in the fleet management industry and want to be part of an innovative and supportive company, Sam Sara is worth considering.


Deal specializes in hiring and payment services for companies hiring international employees and contractors. They believe in work without borders and offer remote positions all around the world. They provide solutions for businesses facing the complexities of managing international workers and ensure smooth onboarding and payment processes.

Deal offers a range of job opportunities, including positions as customer success managers and client onboarding managers. These roles involve working closely with clients to ensure their international workforce operates seamlessly.

The benefits and rewards at Deal are exceptional, showcasing their commitment to employee satisfaction. The company has a positive reputation online, and current and former employees appreciate the company culture and opportunities for growth.

If you’re interested in working in a global context and helping companies navigate the challenges of international hiring and payment, Deal may be the right fit for you. Their remote opportunities offer flexibility and the chance to work with clients from different parts of the world.


Blackline offers cloud software for financial close and accounting processes. They help organizations streamline their financial operations and improve efficiency through automation and innovative solutions. With a focus on cloud-based technology, Blackline empowers businesses to optimize their financial close and accounting processes.

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Blackline provides job opportunities for customer success managers, account managers, and optimization consultants. These roles involve working closely with clients to ensure they make the most out of Blackline’s software and achieve their financial goals.

The company has garnered positive ratings from employees, with a Glassdoor rating of 4.0. They prioritize employee satisfaction and offer a supportive work environment. At Blackline, you can expect opportunities for personal and professional growth, along with attractive benefits and rewards.

If you have a background or interest in finance and technology, Blackline offers exciting career prospects. Their commitment to innovation and helping businesses succeed makes them a top choice in the financial software industry.


Headway addresses the limited access to affordable mental health care. They aim to make mental health care accessible to all individuals, regardless of their financial resources. Through their platform, Headway provides options for affordable therapy, counseling, and mental health support.

If you’re passionate about mental health and want to be part of an organization that makes a difference, Headway offers job opportunities for customer experience associates and business systems analysts. These roles involve supporting Headway’s mission to improve mental health care accessibility.

Working at Headway allows you to contribute to a meaningful cause and make a positive impact on people’s lives. The company values its employees and provides a supportive work environment. With opportunities for professional growth and development, Headway is an excellent choice for those passionate about mental health care.


SpeakWrite offers human-powered transcription services. They provide remote job opportunities for transcriptionists and legal transcriptionists. By converting audio and video recordings into accurate written documents, SpeakWrite helps businesses and organizations efficiently manage their information and data.

If you have excellent typing skills and attention to detail, SpeakWrite offers a flexible and rewarding work-from-home opportunity. They value their transcriptionists and provide support and training to ensure their success.

SpeakWrite has positive ratings from employees, indicating a good working environment and job satisfaction. If you’re interested in remote transcription work, SpeakWrite is a reliable company to consider.


These nine companies offer diverse job opportunities for individuals seeking remote work or looking to make a positive impact in various industries. Whether you’re interested in healthcare, technology, language services, fleet management, international hiring, mental health care, or transcription services, there’s likely a role for you in one of these companies.

Remember to conduct your own research and thoroughly review each company’s job listings and requirements. It’s important to find a company that aligns with your skills, interests, and career goals. These companies offer competitive salaries, attractive benefits, and opportunities for professional growth.

Consider exploring the job opportunities at GE Health, RSA, Quen, Transperfect, Sam Sara, Deal, Blackline, Headway, and SpeakWrite. Each company has its own unique offerings and positive reputations, making them excellent options for those seeking work-from-home jobs. Good luck with your job search!

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